High gloss:

We use the ICA polyester varnishes to reach high gloss. The varnishes excell at their quality and  hardness  and by virtue of it, the high gloss  is reached. Last but not least, they are friendlier to our environment than e.g. polyurethane varnishes. Another great advantage provided is the possibility of local repairs and gloss renovation even after longer period of time which gives furniture manufacturers the possibility to provide longer guarantees.

We use the ICA water-based interior varnishes for application of matt finishings which represent the adequate alternative  to traditional varnishes with a varnish thinner included and allow to reach great results by their multiple  applicability  keeping the same application method.

The advantages,arising from the above mentioned, are legitimate: worker´s health is protected and they respect the limits for  air pollution caused by varnish thinners.

The end-consumer of “ water –based product“ evaluates its immediate advantages: no unpleasant smells are present  compared to the thinner-based varnishes. This is demanded especially when you produce in bulk,  where  demands to produce promptly  are increased and are influenced by the market itself.

The ICA two-component water-based varnishes were awarded by the EU thanks to the LIFE programme which evaluates projects of high technological innovation and whose goal is the environmental protection.

This project was the only awarded in the category of varnishes because of  its specific contribution to the decrease of  air pollution caused by volatile organic thinners.

Apart from the prestigious award, the companies that use the ICA two-component water-based varnishes are offerred to attach  the LIFE registred trade mark to their own products.

The range of water-based products  used for interior surfaces includes shading dyestuff, insulating paints, base and interior varnishes – transparent as well as covering ones which are able to meet any aesthetic and qualitative demands in the branch of wood varnishing.






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