Varnishing – high gloss

We have been going in for varnish gloss finishes for 8 years. We changed over from spraying of polyurethan to polished polyester. The technology of polished surface ensures the  luxurious surface and superior quality which is considered to be our primary goal in the process of  gloss finishing.


The system of polished varnish can be used for any wooden base starting with chess pieces through furniture to wooden bodies of veteran cars.

Varnishing – Opened pores and satin matt

The most frequently used type of finishing in the furniture industry. It is a very practical and resistant finish at places where we insist on the resistance to abrasion. Use: Suitable as the finish for shop, office furniture, as well as for households  with more members and children which can be subdivided  into two types:

Open pores

This type of finish copies exactly the structure of wood, however, it ensures high resistance to abrasion as well. The most suitable use is for wood with a very porous structure (e.g. oak, mahagony, hickory, etc.). We use  varnishes with low solid contents which ensures the above mentioned effect copying the sublayer.

Close pores – satin-matt

The finishing that, at first glance, resembles the smooth surface of plastics. For this type of varnishing we use polyester base layer which closes the wood or veneer and so the coherent and smooth sublayer for satin-matt finishing is created.



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